Tata EV Strategy

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM), a subsidiary of Tata Motors, unveiled its new brand platform and identity, TATA.ev, in August 2023, in collaboration with strategic brand and design consultancy, Landor. Subsequently, in December 2023, the company inaugurated two stores in Gurugram.

It’s crucial to contextualize this approach within the broader trends of EV branding and market positioning. TATA.ev’s decision to establish a distinct brand separate from Tata Motors diverges from the strategies of other automotive companies, which often introduce electric models under existing parent brands.

In an emerging Indian EV market where TPEM commands a significant market share (70% as of January 2024), despite having sold over 100,000 passenger EVs, there remains a nascent understanding among consumers. Conversations with potential buyers revealed concerns such as range anxiety, servicing, charging infrastructure, and cost savings.

Recognizing this need for clarity and leadership, TPEM identified an opportunity to pioneer a movement extending beyond vehicle sales. However, achieving this required an independent platform with a compelling voice capable of mobilizing a community, leading to the birth of TATA.ev—a division housing all Tata electric vehicles, denoted by the .ev suffix.

Crafted through collaborative workshops led by Landor, TATA.ev embodies the concept of a sustainable sanctuary, epitomized by its brand slogan: “Move with Meaning.”

The brand identity, meticulously developed by Team Landor, emphasizes eco-sensitivity through a unified color palette and variable typeface. The Orbit-enclosed .ev logo symbolizes TATA.ev’s vision of an ecosystem in motion, fostering circularity between humans and the environment.

Beyond visual representation, Landor has devised motion design principles and a sonic identity, enriching the brand experience. In the retail space, TATA.ev’s focus on sustainability, community, and technology translates into every detail, from unfired clay wall panels to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Central to the brand’s ethos is the notion of community, reflected in TATA.ev’s retail spaces designed not just as car showcases, but as hubs for interaction, education, and community-building.

Looking ahead, TATA.ev plans to expand its portfolio with three additional models, positioning itself as a leader in the EV space with a commitment to reshaping mobility conversations and driving transformative change.

Vivek Srivatsa, Chief Commercial Officer at TPEM, summarizes the mission: to revolutionize mobility conversations, challenge industry norms, and usher in a cleaner, brighter future through a steadfast commitment to community, sustainability, and technology.

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