Brooke Bond’s Red Label Chai 2024 Advertisement

Brooke Bond’s latest advertisement dips into the pool of its enduring philosophy of challenging biases.

Brooke Bond Red Label has long been known for its commitment to challenging biases in its advertisements. In its latest ad, the brand explores this philosophy by depicting a blind man accepting a cup of tea from a stranger on a train, a scenario that typically triggers childhood teachings to avoid food or drink from unknown individuals.

The idea for this ad, as explained by Ogilvy CCOs Harshad Rajadhyaksha and Kainaz Karmakar, stemmed from previous successful campaigns that tackled societal biases. These included instances like parents accepting their son’s live-in relationship with the help of a cup of Brooke Bond Red Label Tea.

Throughout the years, the brand has produced ads urging viewers to confront biases, whether it’s trusting a Muslim neighbor, accepting genetic conditions, or challenging gender stereotypes. Each ad features a pivotal moment symbolized by a cup of Brooke Bond Red Label Tea, signaling a shift towards acceptance and progress.

However, the latest ad takes this philosophy a step further by presenting a blind man’s decision to trust a stranger’s offer of tea on a train. Despite societal warnings against such actions, the blind man highlights the power of senses and intuition in discerning good from bad, emphasizing the aroma of Brooke Bond Red Label’s tea as a catalyst for change.

This narrative challenges ingrained beliefs about trust and strangers, illustrating the brand’s ongoing commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding in society.

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