Capturing Little Details of Beautiful Moments

How often does it happen that you come across a picture while scrolling through social media that instantly resonates with you? Govinda Sao is visualizing such fleeting emotions through his raw and honest craft. His art is about capturing the stillness in our daily lives like the quiet summer afternoon views from the window, the random discussions between two guys about trivial topics at the tea stall, the empty city streets during early mornings, or the evening scenes of the tranquil lakes of his home town. Govinda’s work puts you in touch with the fascinating little details of the most insignificant and monotonous moments.

Govinda Sao


Hailing from the rural outskirts of the Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, Govinda is a 22-year-old coming-of-age artist, who explores the world through his unique creative lens. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s in animation and film design from NID, Ahmedabad, he dedicates most of his time to his college assignments and personal projects. Govinda has been sketching since his early childhood days. 

“As an artist, I consider myself as the product of the encouragement and support of my family and teachers throughout my childhood.”

The foundation of Govinda’s creative mindset was set long before he found interest in drawing sketches. He comes from a family that showed intrinsic orientation toward art. His grandparents and his parents were fond of singing and playing musical instruments. So when they saw Govinda inclined toward another art form, they always pushed him to do better. But the first turning point in his creative journey came when he met a teacher who introduced him to the depths of the craft at the age of 10. The teacher gave a new perspective to Govinda, taught him the essentials, and helped him hone his artistic skills.


Govinda is often motivated to create art from his own present and childhood experiences. His process starts with simple observations, taking notes, building visual cues, and utilizing emotions to turn them into visual art. 

“What’s crucial for me is to observe and understand the context, emotions, and surroundings to create a piece that feels intimate. My focus right now is to communicate better through my art”

While talking about developing his own unique style, Govinda is on his way to figuring it out. Currently, he is closely following a bunch of artists, absorbing the different types of treatment of art and experimenting with his own style.

But he is absolutely clear about one thing he wants to stay raw with his emotions, storytelling, and its creative implementation. Govinda doesn’t prefer giving a realistic touch to his art because he finds more freedom to express and communicate when there are no rules and constrictions to be realistic. He is also careful about the type of message he wants to communicate. He doesn’t find himself prepared to create political art yet and chooses to stay away from that subject matter at this point in time. Rather he wants to focus on portraying the little details of our life.


Behind the artist, there is also an explorer. Govinda constantly dabbles himself with different activities like cooking, singing, and learning instruments throughout the day. At present, he is enjoying learning the flute after trying his hands on some percussion instruments a while back. While talking about his future plans, opening a creative studio with his colleagues is one of his plans but the first thing he wants to do is acquire experience with some mature artists in the industry.

“I don’t dream of achieving some kind of fame. I just want to be recognized as an artist and be among the people close to me. I like to spend time with friends and I do not want to give it away at any cost.”

Stay updated with his work by following him on Instagram @govindasao.

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