5 Signs Your Brand Needs To Hire a Marketing Agency

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You have a new product launch coming up or you are about to launch your brand from scratch and you still may be wondering if you should hire a marketing agency for your business and how could hiring a marketing agency possibly help your brand!

In this article we will together explore arguments, answer the question and justify the reasons to hire a marketing agency.

The Audit

First, you have to understand the exact need to hire marketing company for your brand.

First, start by preparing internally, and writing down your objectives. Understand why you’re considering hiring an agency. Be clear about your business reasons for conducting an agency search. Think this through before committing to an agency selection process, which takes time and resources by all parties involved.

How do you go about this?

Well, you need to answer yes to at least one of these five questions.

1. Insufficient human resource

Now hear me out!

This is not as simple as it sounds.

This insufficiency can be in terms of:

  1. Team size
  2. Talent
  3. Time

Let me explain these 3 points one by one via different reasoning and use cases.

Building an In-house marketing team

Now there is always an option to begin searching for talented marketing individuals to join your team but when it comes to executing the hiring process, that’s when we realize how tough it is. The above linked HBR article begins itself with the phrase: “Today’s most competitive marketplace isn’t technology but talent”

So are you ready to invest more time in searching for talent to expand your team when there are other simpler options in place?

Hiring a Freelancer

“What about freelancers?” you may ask!

So let me put it this way.

Freelancer can be a great choice if you the scope of the project is small. Like website design, development, logo design or packaging design, etc.

But, if you are starting out on Marketing for a relatively big project like an E-commerce website, or a SaaS product, a new product launch, renewed branding, etc; following are the activities that you need to take care of:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Marketing Database Management
  4. Running Campaigns and monitoring marketing analytics
  5. Designing Creatives & Writing content

…and much more!

I have rarely seen freelancers possessing such a wide skill spectrum and at the end of the day, they are also human and can only do so much.

Executing a project is no small task. It takes a skilled team, a very detailed planning and all hands on deck if you want to do it right. With lacking human resources, the only option visible is micro-managing your team which only leads to a frustration.

2. No structured work processes

Big projects have a SOP in place. SOPs generally stem out of experience of people that have worked on similar projects in the past.

And this is where agencies come into play. There is one crucial thing that you need to keep in mind: The Agency Expertise.

If an agency is to work on your project, it is necessary that they know about your industry. They are familiar with the strategy implementations and market trends.

There are agencies that work like the Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) for your company. They lead the way with their efficient processes and promising strategies to make your project successful.

Some agencies even go to the extent of lending marketing talent from their agency solely dedicated for the client to make sure the projects gets delivered on time.

You can either find recommendations from your peers or search for a

3. Budget

Apart from the time spent on selecting the best candidate for you team in case of internal hiring, there’s a lot of time spent in on-boarding and training of a full-time permanent employee.

Imagine you hired 4 employees who you are paying a fixed monthly salary after on-boarding and training and now think of hiring an agency.

The cost of hiring a marketing agency is almost the same (in the short run) as hiring full time employees plus you get years of industry and marketing expertise in case of an agency hire!

In the long run, agencies are a much cheaper option.

4. Need a new perspective?

Do you lack new, innovative ideas and a fresh external perspective?

The In-house teams often suffer with creative stagnation whereas experienced agencies, worked with clients from the same industry know what works and what doesn’t.

They have a clear idea about the target consumer segments and are up to date with the latest trends and requirements.

This is useful while coming up with new innovative ideas that resonate well with the present market.

To make this happen, agencies must be debriefed about the company culture, brand guidelines and brand philosophies to put through the right message to the audience.

5. Frequent requirements

You may be able to update your brand’s Facebook and Instagram page here or there, but do you struggle to find content and resources to interact with and engage your followers in real time?

There are so many social media platform and if you are a B2C company, it becomes extremely necessary to maintain a continuous interaction with your audience on all platforms.

Not just social media but let’s suppose you are an E-commerce company. You need product photo shoots, catalog updation, product content updation, etc.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve identified at least one business reason to begin an agency selection process.

Still confused where to begin about searching the right agency?
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Understanding why you need an external agency provides insight and direction to agencies about which business need you need to solve.

An external agency should augment your resources and capabilities in a cost-efficient way to develop inspiring, effective partnerships.

Q. Is outsourcing marketing activities to agencies a better option than internal hires?

A. Agencies have insight, expertise, experience and resources that you might not have inside your company. They know how to plan, measure and optimize digital efforts across all the brand’s marketing touch points. And for those of you who may not know, touch points are your brand’s point of customer contact, from start to finish.

Q. Does that mean a company doesn’t need internal hires?

A. No. Internal hiring is absolutely necessary. But that hire must be an expert, a thought leader, a visionary for your company. An experienced marketing professional who knows how to get things done by leading.

That professional needs to perform high level management in the company and monitor activities and their timelines.

There must be an internal team of marketers if the company has the resources that can work on repetitive and pre-defined processes like daily social media posting on all platforms, collaborating with Influencers and assist the agency in the outsources work.

Q. When should you not hire an agency?

A. I will be brutally honest here.

As a thumb rule, If you do not have the budget, do not outsource any marketing activity to any agency.

The reason I am telling this to you is because there are all types of agencies out there and even if you have a budget of $50 to design a website, trust me, there’s an agency that’ll do it for that amount.

Will it be worth it?


Every shoddy job is a waste of 100% money, time and effort.

Q. Is there any platform to find quality agencies?

A. Unispade is one of the platforms where we are making it easier for Brand professionals hiring a marketing agency in India for their projects via verified client reviews, detailed work portfolios and an optimised process leading up to agency finalisation.

How to develop an Agency Selection Schedule

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