Best 9 Social Media Campaigns in 2021

Best 9 Social Media Campaigns in 2021

In 2022, social media marketing initiatives will be more crucial than ever.

According to a survey by The Harris Poll in 2021, 43 percent of customers used social networking sites to find new companies. In contrast, 36 percent used them to buy items or services. As the usage of social media grows, this figure will only rise.

Because many customers were stuck at home in 2021, marketers needed to step up their efforts to engage and engage with them online. Consequently, brands created various creative advertisements using a range of tactics. These social media examples represent some of the most memorable from the year 2021.

Here are 9 of the most effective social media campaigns of 2021:

Nowadays, the average user doesn’t rely on a constant supply of social media material to influence their shopping decisions and entertain them.

More than 50% of all adults in the United States use social media to keep up with current events. Countless more are looking for accounts that will assist them in strengthening their values and perhaps broadening their worldviews.

Brands that understand how these elements interact have the best chance of creating the most engaging social media campaigns. We highlight some of the most notable campaigns from this year:

1.   Wix: Melt the Ice Campaign

Wix’s “Melt the Ice” campaign is one of the most imaginative and participatory social media initiatives is Wix’s “Melt the Ice” campaign. Wix is notable for allowing anyone to create websites from the ground up with no technical knowledge. They also designed a game called “Melt the Ice” as part of this promotion.

There’s a football helmet on the ice, and to win, you have to keep pointing the flame at the chunk of ice until it melts. The only requirements are changing their profile photo to Chez Feliz and watching the live video feed. The lucky winner would get $50,000 from Wix.

2.   Airbnb We Are Here Campaign

Approximately half of the marketers believe that video marketing provides the best ROI. In addition, Airbnb marketers understand how video marketing may increase bookings.

They began the “We Are Here” Campaign, which included live recordings of what consumers could do in places worldwide. This campaign is successful because of the live tours and suggestions that respond to many Airbnb customers’ questions. It’s an excellent opportunity to highlight the lovely tourist attractions while also showing how fun it is to book with Airbnb.

3.   Blendtec: Will It Blend Campaign

Blendtec came up with a clever approach to promote its high-powered blender by asking, “Will it blend?”

Can it blend smartphones? Yes.

IPad? Yup.

What about tennis balls? Yes, absolutely.

“Will It Blend?” is the viral marketing created by the legend Blendtec Founder Tom Dickson to illustrate the power of their blenders.

Blendtec’s Facebook video ad got thousands of views because of its innovative approach. Blendtec’s ability to blend some of the most bizarre items immediately attracts your attention. It’s also spawned a slew of spin-off firms attempting the same.

4.   State Bicycle Co: 12 Days of State

Holiday ads are usually a friendly approach to catch your social media audience’s attention. With their 12 Days of State promotion, State Bicycle Co. created its own 12-day Christmas promotion.

Every day they offered a different bicycle or an add-on available for a limited time only. It encouraged customers to buy by instilling a sense of urgency in their imaginations.

State Bicycle Co.’s Christmas ad succeeds because of the creative way they designed their campaign. They highlight things that their consumers are engaged in and create a sense of urgency by setting a deadline for the transaction.

5.   Make-A-Wish: BatKid Campaign

The BatKid Campaign from Make-A-Wish will make you feel ‌you’re dicing onions. Because of emotional marketing, this social media campaign was a hit.

It’s about Miles, a young child with leukemia who aspires to be the real Batman. People backed this commercial because of its emotional appeal. The campaign generated over 23 million Instagram views, 500,000 tweets, and 16,077 page views because of its success.

6.   Qdoba: Queso Bliss Contest

Qdoba, a well-known restaurant chain, launched a campaign where customers can vote on which of their favorite quesos should stay and which should be eliminated.

The greatest aspect of this online social media endeavor was that the Qdoba team updated the results as the standoff progressed, keeping everyone informed and increasing stress.

This campaign was successful because of its capacity to connect fans across many media and include them in the decision-making phase. Not only that, but it was their willingness to take action that made all the difference.

7.   Deadpool: Digital DVD Release Campaign

It’s not enough to create eye-catching visuals for your social media efforts. Your target audience must understand what you are trying to convey to them. Then, using visual design, writing, and savvy advertising. Therefore, Deadpool’s Digital DVD Strategy was a tremendous hit.

The film is getting ready to launch its Blu-ray edition on DVD. So they built a multi-channel campaign, complete with Snapchat filters, to illustrate Deadpool’s crafty methods.

8.   Purdue: Day of Giving

Purdue sponsors an annual day of giving to generate money for student scholarships every year. In addition, Purdue’s social media campaign was successful because it used its alumni network to foster a sense of belonging among graduates, encouraging them to give back to their alma mater.

They understood they needed to bring in social media to crush targets for the Day of Giving and add a twist that built interest around the event. So, rather than replacing the other approaches, they combined social media with mobile, online, and email.

User-generated material appeared to be the ideal method to harness the power of social media while also encouraging engagement.

9.   Tweet Bra

Breast cancer education is a critical problem for women’s health. Many hospitals recommend that women look for abnormalities in their tissues every month. The Tweet Bra aims to motivate women to perform monthly self-exams. Every time women unhook their bras; the campaign would deliver subtle notifications to women through Twitter.

The Twitter Bra serves as a friendly reminder to them while doing something they already do every day. The messages are not intrusive or bothersome since they deliver the message through something individuals do every day.

Tweet Bra used a tool that many women regularly use (Twitter) to encourage them to finish their checks. Not to mention, bringing up ‌a tweeting bra is bound to get people’s attention.

 Final Thoughts

Humans need connections, audiences appreciate causes they can stand for or support, adorable things they can turn into memes, and customized brand experiences they can share with others.

If you’re searching for a place to start, check online and social media statistics to see what sorts of material your target audience enjoys. Then, it will be clear how creative social media marketing fits into the picture.

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