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Anatomy of an Ideal Client Review

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Importance of detailed reviews

One of the most essential functions for an agency is to build and maintain the reputation and showcase a promising image via client reviews in front of the prospects. 

Ideal client review = High credibility =  Better chances of conversion

An ideal review answers 2 questions:

  1. Who is the person that is reviewing your agency?
  2. What is that person saying? Is it good or bad?

 Elements of an ideal client review

An ideal review from client should exhibit the following information:

  1. Client Profile
  2. Project Summary
  3. Opportunity/Challenge
  4. Project flow details
  5. Solution offered by the agency
  6. Results acquired 
  7. What could have been better?
  8. Ratings

Now, Let’s get on with each element:

Client Profile

This element of the client review answers the question WHO! 

Client details alone can be a turning point in gaining the trust of the prospect firsthand. 

The reason that Unispade is pushing agencies to focus on such minute details in reviews is because we think detailed reviews from verified & credible sources are equivalent to a referral given by a close contact.

Client profile consists the following details:

  • Name & logo of the client company
  • Link to the website of client company
  • Client’s Industry & Year of establishment
  • Client’s Product description
  • Name & photo of the reviewer
  • Designation of the reviewer
  • Link to the linkedin profile of the reviewer

With such a detailed client profile in place, the complete feedback given by the client can be put into perspective.

Project Summary

This is generally an overview of what the project was about. It explains:

  • The scope of the project, 
  • The deliverables
  • Its objectives
  • Service(s) offered
  • Total project budget
  • Duration of the project

Opportunities & Challanges

A challenge faced by a prospect is an opportunity for an agency. This section details down the following in 3-4 lines: 

  • The client’s reason to approach the agency and 
  • The opportunities the agency saw to solve the client’s issues. 

Project Flow Details

This part of the review catches the most attention and proves to be a pivoting section in the whole review. It answers the following questions:

  • What was the frequency of reporting?
  • How did the agency manage communication with the client?
  • How many people were involved at a time for the client’s project?
  • What were the channels &  tools used by the agency for communication & reporting?
  • What was the frequency of meeting between the client and agency?
  • How was the project management approach of the agency?

Solution offered by the agency

This explains the step by step process of strategy formation, implementation and revision if any. This may also entail the activities that the agency and the client undertook as a collaborative effort to achieve the project target.

Results acquired 

This section should be precisely explained with the proofs of the achieved results like a link to the website, pictures of the creatives, metrics of the online campaigns, photos of the events etc. This shows the actual work delivered and validates the claims and promises of the agency. If curated well, this section alone has the potential to strengthen the trust of the prospects.


This section consists answers to general questions like:

  • What did you like most about the agency?
  • What convinced you to move forward with this agency and trust them with your project?
  • What are the areas that the agency can improve further?
  • How likely are you to refer this agency to your peers?


An overall rating out of 10

What is so special about the reviews posted on Unispade?

  1. Our team of analysts, not only works as a review acquiring team but also as problem resolvers between client and service provider in case we come across any complaints or negative review from the clients. 

Whenever a negative review is received from clients, our team gets in touch with the agency and tries to resolve the complaints that they might have. 

  1. We have a standard format of reviews acquired from clients in detail over a call or over an email. This standard format helps in easy comparison of services, culture and work processes in the agencies and thus, ultimately makes it easier for the prospects to judge.
  1. We cover every aspect of the project and its deliverable. We follow the same questionnaire to acquire reviews from the client references submitted by the agencies that have on boarded on our platform.    

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