6 Ways To Achieve The Best Agency Positioning For Your Business

Know what is the difference between your agency and that new agency that is raking in huge client accounts...

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Company A and B are digital marketing agencies, they build their websites, a community and a blog on their website. Company A focuses on creating content which promotes its services without communicating its vision and mission to the people. Company B spends this time in creating content which answers people’s questions.

While Company A is busy finding the market and target audience to drive sales, Company B is building a trust-based community.

Here, Company A is among the 100 other similar digital marketing agencies which promote themselves explicitly while Company B is one of the few which stands out and focuses on establishing itself as a thought leader in this domain, thus indirectly building an audience for its services.

Company B is an Agency Positioning example.Before we dwell greater into the topic, let’s discuss what this really means.

What is Agency Positioning?

Creating your agency’s identity as an expert by virtue of experience and knowledge about a specific industry which differentiates you from your competitors is called agency positioning.It’s done through answering 3 important questions:

  • What?

This question answers what services you provide and what is it you do, which makes you different from other agencies offering the same services.

  • Who?

This question address who you are and who is your target audience and what kind of knowledge and expertise do you have in the areas which addresses this target audience.

  • Why?

This is the most important question for positioning an agency, and often the most overlooked. This answers why are you the best at what you do and why can customers believe you can deliver what you claim.Now that you know which questions you have to answer to establish yourself as a leader in the industry, let’s look at.

6 ways of achieving the best agency positioning

1. First impressions matter a lot!

When a prospect visits your website, you have only 50 milliseconds (ms) to form your first opinion, which decides if the user stays or leaves the website. What does this mean?

You should have a great copy, website design, a user-friendly interface and visual appeal.

Let’s look at this amazing website of The Glitch. They say they’re a creative riot, a little scroll down and their statement gets validated right away! 

Their Instagram account further flaunts the agency culture, clients and collaborations. This makes it easy for the prospect to relate with them and know the agency better. 

Though creating an award-winning and super creative website is not the only way to position your agency, it sure can be a way of starting. 

Do something unique, position a video introduction in the beginning of your website or maybe a funny piece of infographic which delivers your brand vision through relatable humor; make sure to reflect your brand voice through this. Be creative, you have only 50ms to create that impression!

2. Build a community- a family

One of the most important steps in agency positioning is to build a community. This community should include your target audience, the ones you are serving or wish to do. If you don’t have a target audience in mind, frame one.

Without a target audience, it’s like breaking glass with a paper. They are the people who will help you build the empire from ground up.Help them, serve them and they shall bear the fruit in terms of engagement, increased traffic, conversion and retention.

3. Don’t be the jack of all trades- maintain a niche blog

Establishing yourself as an expert leader is important to build and maintain an audience which looks up to you. The best way to achieve this is by creating in-depth blogs about your niche, which answers your target audience’s questions by addressing pain points

Prospects are looking for expertise and experience, and experts write about their knowledge and experiences which people can relate to and thus approach to!

The best example of this is Internetmoguls. They have positioned themselves as an agency offering marketing & branding solutions across the Hospitality Industry only.

Their blog is a collection of carefully curated articles from their niche, hospitality industry which gives the reader valuable insights on various aspects of the same. From troubleshooting minor issues hotels and restaurants might face to industry trends, the blog reflects their knowledge and expertise about the industry. This is a well thought out agency positioning strategy which can work for you too!

4. Personal branding is important!

Once the prospects are confident about your capabilities to deliver what you claim, they look for 2 things:

  • The agency’s ability to understand their smallest of problems
  • Someone to connect to, in the agency whom they can trust

Personal branding is an essential part of the process for best agency positioning. It personalises and gives a face to everything written on your website or shown on the agency’s social media accounts. 

This personification of agency is most efficiently used by Gary Vaynerchuk for his full-service agency Vaynermedia.

While you’re at it, notice the simplicity of the website and yet the name, the agency has made for itself! 

5. Employee Branding can work wonders

Employee Branding refers to shaping the employees’ behaviour in a way which projects the brand identity. This is a fairly new strategy for positioning an agency, however, an effective one.

This not only helps boost the morale of the employees but is also a way to boast about the talent muscle of the agency. 

Employee branding offers a grand opportunity to turn the employees into brand ambassadors and use their personalities to weave the company culture.

If you have no idea where to start with your agency account, look at BSSP’s Instagram handles, which revolves around the people in the company. 

6. Client Testimonials & reviews- your key to establishing authority

You established yourself as an expert, built a community, won clients and successfully completed projects. Your work is done.


Till now, you were an asset for your client, now turn them one of yours by getting testimonials and reviews from them. Be creative, get a quote from them or a video testimonial.

This is important because these reviews are like building blocks towards the maintenance of your authority as an expert. Most agencies skip this very important step since there are few effective platforms except social media to showcase them. 

But here is where your creativity kicks in.

Unispade, understands the power of client reviews and they have curated their platform in a way which allows them to use agency reviews to their highest potential to generate more business opportunities for other agencies. A complete win-win situation.
Pro tip: Client reviews and testimonials, if used, can attract other industry professionals who may be on your target list from similar industry to notice your work.

The consequences of not positioning your agency

  • There are many prospects from different industry segments looking out to partner up with good agencies in the market. Without positioning, your agency will pitch solutions & services to anyone and everyone. With a lack of clarity about the clientele your agency wants to cater, it will be compelled to work with clients that are not a match with your core strength and expertise.
  • Without positioning, your agency will remain in a perpetual state of re-branding where you will constantly change your service offerings and strategies with a varying clientele.
  • With every new client you attract from a different industry; the agency will have to start all over again because the experiences gained from the previous clients will be of no use. This is because they were from a different industry catering a distinct audience from unique backgrounds and you will have to adjust to the evolving nature of clientele every time.
  • When you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, you cannot charge any higher than the others in the market. You yourself, will pull your agency into a matured market where margins are low and scope of innovation is not much.

The benefits of agency positioning

  • Once you position yourself as a leader, you know your expertise and thus, have a clear idea about the clients you want to cater. With a clear client profile in mind, it will be easier for you to find prospects. By then, you will know exactly where to find them and how to approach them.
  • The agency will have a new-found sense of confidence about its area of expertise and will be clear about their service offerings, thus avoiding the chance of unrealistic expectations. 
  • As a positioned agency, as and when you acquire a new client from the industry, your knowledge, experience and expertise will increase multifold. The agency will inherit instinctive decision making because of experiences and knowledge about the audience. This way your agency can truly become interlaced with the DNA of the industry.
  • For ex, brand positioning companies technically and logically makes their agency an expert in the industry and as a result, they quote a premium charge for their services. 

Wrapping it up

When every other marketing and advertising agency in the market claims to be the best, it becomes difficult for the prospects to identify the difference between the great and the good.

With passing times, more and more agencies are moving towards this transition to position themselves as industry leaders through online networks like Unispade where they can make the best use of their positioning. 

Your agency positioning is the fine line between being average and being the best.

You decide which side you want to be on. We will hopefully see you on the other side!

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