15 Zero cost activities to generate new business

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To produce new clients and leads to the business and acquiring them for a long time, asks for more than a perfect plan. We toil hard with our brains to produce one thing, and that is “leads.”

Producing leads isn’t a piece of cake. In this vast market, an agency needs to keep itself updated and work hard on their plans and structure to stand among other competitors.

These tips will surely assist in generating leads if executed in a planned way.

Focus on one and only one niche! Then Define your USP

At Unispade, we put emphasis on selecting the agencies that have decided to focus on a specific niche and have some really unique selling propositions because that is what attracts big clients. Expertise! If you are aiming for huge accounts, you have got to meet the following 4 criteria, just to be considered by high profile accounts:

  • Your agency has got to have experience in a particular niche
  • Your agency has got to have an experience of at least 3-4 years in that same domain (And still your agency would be considered young!).
  • Your agency must have a certain type of culture. A philosophy that it stands by. 
  • A great website, ofcourse!

There is no such thing as “enough emphasis” when it comes to USPs. Shout out loud about them.

Don’t know how to do that?

Here’s a template by

Content Marketing

Customers get influenced by what they read and learn.

Quality content is the pillar of good marketing; but just writing blog articles might not be enough. Some website visitors are in the awareness stage and are not looking to buy anything. Instead of considering them as a useless lead, turn them into your brand advocates by providing them with other marketing collaterals like:

  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics.

Create Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) + Follow up with past clients + Unconverted previous leads

Creating your ideal customer profile is the first step towards Account Based Marketing. ICP helps you to know about the exact type and category of people your agency needs to target to pitch your services. Get in touch with your ICPs via LinkedIn or keep an eye on them in Events.

Get in touch with your previous clients, there is always they might be in need of and offer them help or free consultation. This way:

  • you are reminding them that you care about them
  • free consultation will help you to know the client’s future plans and thus a chance for you to pitch in your services back again

Same goes for unconverted leads from the past. 

Always keep hunting for new lead generation platforms

One such amazing lead generation platform is Only the quality agencies are registered with unispade and thus attracts high profile prospects.

It’s a marketplace specially designed to cut through the clutter, provide clarity about the buying decisions from exhaustive agency profiles and reviews from verified clients in place.

Be Socially Active

Recent statistics say 67% of prospects visit the social media accounts of agencies after visiting their websites. 

An active social media platform with social engagements strengthens the confidence of the prospects and shows the agency in smart light.

The social media posts do not have to be some hardcore insightful content but a simple client testimonial can work wonders.

Agencies can post following content on their social media:

  • Client Testimonials
  • New Project Takeover
  • Creative Moment Marketing Posts
  • Employee Branding
  • Company’s internal updates like job openings and new hires

Any type of content that gives a peek into the agency culture is enough to woo a prospect closer to calling you for a project requirement. 

So you feel some of your posts have the potential to stop the thumbs from scrolling down? Promote it!

Recent reports mention that social media marketing assists three times as compared to other traditional ways of acquiring potential targets in 62% less expenditure.

Q&A on Quora 

Quora is the biggest P2P Q&A platform where people are searching for highly relevant answers pertaining to their personal experiences.

Quora can be a great platform to kickstart your consultation venture as a separate arm of your agency.

Responding to questions from individuals in your industry with thoughtful answers, results in greater reach, better online presence among relevant audiences, gives a personal touch and projects the agency to be more accessible and friendly. 

Some Q&A are very heavily indexed on Google and thus can bring traffic and visibility to your website.

Blogging, Guest Blogging & Personal Branding

Blogging is an efficient way to place yourself as an expert. 

Blogging simply means writing everything you know about your industry. 

Write blogs about  the industries that you want to target.

Write on topics that your ICPs care about and would like to know more about. 

The only formula to success is “value addition” with every word written.

Personal Branding has never been so important as it is now. If you want to personify  your agency and project your agency as an extension of yourself, personal branding is what you have to go for. 

Initiate Online Conversation Or to put it bluntly, Publicity Stunt!

 Professionals have strong opinions about certain subjects in the industry and some subjects are a bit sensitive to talk about. If you are brave enough as an agency, you can flirt with those topics a little bit without crossing the boundaries. 

The purpose is to initiate conversations, compel people to offer their opinions and be sure never to go too far with it.

Now, Where should the conversations be initiated?

The answer is anywhere. Post Articles on your website, Social Media, Forums and Events, etc.

Co-opetition over Competition: Strategic Partnership with small businesses

There may be times when you get a project opportunity but your agency has to let it go because:

  • Your agency doesn’t have the right expertise to execute the project.
  • The project budget is too low.
  • You do not offer those specific ranges of services.

If these are the cases, then not everyone in your field is your competitor; some of the agencies can result in a good ally. 

Partner up with other agencies to form a network of agencies that can offer a complete set of services to the client. 

Before making a partnership, make sure that the agency must not be larger than yours. 

Tweak in Pricing

The prospect might not need everything you are offering. They are looking for customized solutions tailored specifically for them. Majority of the offerings and their pricings in the market these days are structured in a way that the prospect does not have to pay for anything other than what they have used. 

Your agency needs to offer services in a need based package so that the client only pays for  exactly what they avail. 

Create an online course and Conduct Local Workshops

About what exactly?

About the topics that your prospects would like to learn about. Motivate them to execute the tasks by themselves but offer help at discounted prices for assistance in case they need it.

To develop a good profile among prospects & clients, course creation has always been the best idea.

Local workshops can be an excellent way to call your prospects to your own doorstep!

Organize a workshop that encourages participation of business owners especially those who may require your services. Meet face to face and position yourself as an expert in the industry. 

Agein, do not sell, just explain!

Attending Events, Networking & Helping

Offline Networking:

Network with people as much as possible by attending events, meetups and conferences. Offer to help them in any way you can. Assistance leaves a heavy and unforgettable impact. The secret to having a successful networking session is,

“Try to know as much as you can about everyone in the events. Discuss your insights and share knowledge but do not sell your services. Ever!” 

Online Networking:

Networking on online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram doesn’t just mean sending requests and building connections, but having genuine interactions. 

Post insightful comments on your connections’ posts, share their posts and share useful and relevant content on your feed as well. 

Organize and attend webinars that are so prevalent these days in the wake of Covid-19 crisis.

Not all potential clients are available on a single place but we make it worth your time on Unispade Q&A community where everyone is verified expert and engages in quality discussions only.


Offer discounts if the client can provide you with another client and so on. This turns every client of yours into an advocate of your agency and can be a decent attempt to initiate word of mouth marketing. 

Partner up with Incubators and Coworking Spaces

This proves to be the most promising ways to generate business on our checklist. New businesses are often clueless or have been deceived before by other so called agencies. This proves to be a great opportunity for your agency to form a strategic partnership with incubators and coworking spaces as they can give you exposure by giving your services as add ons

Create Reddit Community, Whatsapp & Facebook Groups

The thing about communities is that no other medium builds trust as much as community & group conversation do. The importance of this is self understandable and if managed efficiently, not only you can get good referrals but also direct clients. 

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